What I have

A custom picklist field on a custom object and the list has two possible values: enter image description here

The FLS on the field is set to visible and editable for the user profile I am testing with.

On the form layout the field properties for the field is not read-only.

I didn't manually edit the metadata, but it looks like this:

    <description>The input source workflow determines how new leads from this source will be earmarked so that new case records can be started in the correct system workflow.</description>
    <inlineHelpText>Select the workflow for new cases from this input source.</inlineHelpText>

My problem

All the picklist values are not showing up for selection:

enter image description here

The default picklist value is also not honoured. That is, when I create a new record the value for the Workflow__c field is not populated with the value "Country" as I expected.

Can we fix this?

  • Have you got any record types in this object? Aug 4, 2015 at 9:25

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Seems like you haven't assigned the picklist to record type. In your custom object, there should be something like:

            <fullName>some name</fullName>

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