For one of my object (for e.g. Bug), we want a self lookup to the same object to store child records (for e.g. Child Bugs).

After that I created a custom report type on Bug with child object Bug. I am able to see reports like any other look up relationship. I am able to use Functions in "Summary Report", where I can group by "Parent Bug".

By this POC, I think that giving self lookup will not affect my reporting requirements in future.

Please suggest me, if anyone has got/experienced any issues in Reports while using Self look up in Salesforce.

Thanks and Regards,

Ashish shukla

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It sounds like the self-lookups behave in the way that you're expecting.

Technically there no difference between lookups and self-lookups - so if you are good with the one, you should be good with the other.

But in my own experience, I usually wanted way more than the standard functionality provides:

  • multiple levels of nestings (e.g. Bug D has parent C which has parent B which has parent A)
  • automatic aggregation compared to rollup-summary on each bug with children (e.g. SumOfCost, SumOfEsitmatedEffortToFix, etc)

To get this, you probably will need a trigger to rollup the aggregations and also have to deal with limits (depending on structure and data volume).

Also keep in mind that it's probably a good idea to prevent cyclic relations e. g. Bug A has parent B which has parent A again. In my experience it's best to avoid such things unless you really need it.

  • Thanks @Uwe Heim, yes I have also written a trigger for getting the total on master record as summary rollup will not work with lookup. Thanks for your suggestion.
    – Ashish
    Nov 26, 2014 at 11:07

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