I'm trying to use the reportFilters URL parameter to dynamically filter reports in a Lightning Community. A user clicks the custom link on a certain record and it opens the community report page filtered for the record they started from. I haven't found any documentation about this feature, but found it in a few forums.

FYI - the normal fv0 parameter doesn't work in Lightning communities.

When I click my link, I get the following error:

For the filter 2: Specify a valid filterable column because Session_Online_Registration__c$BOKS_Session__c is invalid.

Working Custom Link:

Filtering for a certain account on a report type that looks at account and a master-detail child object.


Link that's Not Working:

Filtering for a certain Session (custom object) on a report type that looks at Session and a master-detail child object.


I've tried a lot of variations on the Column, including:

  • Session_Online_Registration__c%24BOKS_Session__c
  • Session_Online_Registration__c$BOKS_Session__c
  • Training_Session_c.Id
  • I even tried editing it to filter for ACCOUNT.NAME, which these objects also look up to, but it didn't work. I've made sure the source report contains the related lookup column.

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