I was reviewing the System Overview page in my Dev org when I noticed that the 'API REQUESTS, LAST 24 HOURS' was seemingly very high for a single user Dev org (initially at 2,964 or 58%).

I did a quick calculation based on the number of hours I've been working and realised that this was ridiculous given the amount of times I deploy or run tests.

So, as a further test I 'Save[d] to Server' an Apex class and noted that the requests jumped from 2,964 to 2,988.

Is this normal and I have simply never noticed before, or is something likely amiss?


The Metadata API has never really been the most optimal API for an IDE, hence Salesforce are now working on the Tooling API (currently in Pilot). So I would not be surprised to see it use more than one, but 24 API requests does seem quite excessive. I have just done a Save and consumed 3 API requests. There is a report you can run to get a little more information.

Click on Reports, and under the Administrative Reports folder you'll find this...

enter image description here

Force.com API Usage Limits

  • +1 for the useful info, pretty sure it's org related - tried on another dev org and it only consumed 9 requests. Thanks for your help. – Phil Hawthorn Dec 11 '12 at 22:07

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