I'm creating a flow and was wondering if there exists the capability to lookup records on the input screen. On the standard record creation page, some fields have a lookup icon, shown in the screenshot below. I know that I can use the Record Lookup to validate that an entry exists, but ideally I would be able to select a value from a lookup screen.

Magnifying glass lookup icon on Account Name field

In my specific scenario, I am creating opportunity and lead records from within a flow, and would like to have the ability to lookup certain fields directly from that screen.


You could create dynamic choices but it would be in the form of a radio button or select list not a lookup, there is a great blog here on advanced flows by Mike Gerholdt if you need an example of how to create them. Otherwise, I believe you would need to try to combine visualforce with the flow.

Creating dynamic choices can be one of the most powerful functions of Visual Workflow. A dynamic choice allows you search for records, then display the returned data to the end user in a picklist, or radio buttons to select. Once that is record is selected, you can then take the ID, as well as any other information from that record and store into different variables to use within your Flow.

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