After enabling "Publisher Actions" for Chatter, you can tick a checkbox called "All Related Objects" for a specific object in Setup > Customize > Chatter > Feed Tracking. This will turn on the functionality where a Chatter post is created on the object whenever any child object is created.

However, I can't find where this "All Related Objects" field is stored in metadata? I don't see it in the metadata for a custom object, which is where I would expect it to be.

Is this field available somewhere else in metadata? If so, is it packageable?



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Most of chatter settings are not available in Metadata API yet, including this option.

Unfortunately I could not find any reference of this setting in the metadata api documentation.

So this will will have to be a manual step, post deployment.

  • Thanks Gunish. Feed tracking for individual objects is in the metadata API, but I, too, could not find this option either. Thanks. Sep 23, 2014 at 21:08

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