When I try to create a subscriber using SOAP API, I get this error:

Status Message: Access violation for account id (xxxxxxx). Error Code: 12020 Ordinal: 0

I also included the ChannelMemberID in the code. In the link, the error code 12020 is listed as

OYBAccessError Can somebody explain what this means and how to resolve it?

Thank you. Sai.

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Its kind of a weird issue. I've asked around, and this happens when the ChannelMemberID set on a Subscriber and the MemberID it listed was not a child of the MemberID of the user making the API request. So, I would double check that ChannelMemberID, and perhaps try leaving it blank.

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    Thanks Timothy. The issue happened to be in the way the attributes were being set. Found this out by eliminating the non-mandatory properties of the Subscriber object piece by piece. Also, removed the ChannelMemberID like you suggested, it was not required. All set now. Jul 23, 2014 at 19:26

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