I am using an outputLink and want to give the user the opportunity to add a Note to a Contact like so:

<apex:outputLink title="Add a Note" value="/002/e?parent_id={!contact.Id}&retURL=/{!contact.Id}">
    <span class="newObject addNote"></span>

This generates a URL like this: https://na12.salesforce.com/002/e?parent_id=003U000000PL9LNIA1&retURL=%2F003U000000PL9LNIA1 which gives me the following error:

Data Not Available The data you were trying to access could not be found. It may be due to another user deleting the data or a system error. If you know the data is not deleted but cannot access it, please look at our support page.

If I replace the parentId and retURL with an Opportunity, the New Note page is displayed correctly (obviously for the Opportunity, not the Contact).

I therefore thought maybe I didn't have Edit permissions on the Contact I wanted to add the Note to. Looking at the System Info, however, I am a System Administrator and have Read, Edit, Create, Delete permissions, not to mention View All and Modify All.

I can't see any other permissions that have to do with Notes & Attachments. How can I associate a Note to the Contact?


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The URL generated was using IDs with 18 characters. When I chopped off the last three from each parameter, the page loaded without issue.

  • That's odd, both 15 and 18 char should work okay. Nov 15, 2012 at 19:37
  • same is happening for me, I'm having to chop the last few characters off to get it to work Apr 10, 2013 at 12:36

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