I am trying to set a default value in a percent field where the final output is 5%. When I set the default value as 5, the UI shows 500%. However when I try to set the default value as .05 I receive a syntax error. What am I doing wrong?

Error: Syntax error. Found '.' Use formula syntax: Enclose text and picklist value API names in double quotes : ("the_text"), include numbers without quotes : (25), show percentages as decimals: (0.10), and express date calculations in the standard format: (Today() + 7), To reference a field from a Custom Metadata type record use: $CustomMetadata.Type__mdt.RecordAPIName.Field__c Percent Options

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You must include a leading zero, as in 0.05.

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    So simple. Thank you! May 23, 2023 at 15:23

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