I want to run a _Bounce data view in our Enterprise BU (Marketing Cloud), and then filter the data by Business Unit for each of our 120 Business Units. Is there a way to automate it to create one filtered data extension by BU for each of the BUs without manually doing them? Can I reference a Data Extension that lists all our BUs in a query, for example?


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You can use this SSJS script to create a filtered Data Extension: Server Side JavaScript to create a filtered data extension?

However, a filtered data extension will still require you to manually refresh it, each time you want it to reflect the referenced DE it filters. You might prefer to create a number of filter definitions and filter activities programatically. Both cases are described here: Create Filter Definition via WSProxy as well as here: Creation of a Filter Activity via API

If you want to add these programatically to an automation, you can use the REST API, described with an example in this blog post: https://www.ssjsdocs.xyz/automation-studio/activities/add.html

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