Our existing CRM is Salesforce and we have purchased Marketing Cloud and would like to whether the following usecase is feasible.

We have a unique Id (CusId__c) for our customers (Contact Object) and a set of PDFs named with the same unique Id in our SFTP server.

For example, Customer A with the unique Id (CusId__c) as "1000" will have a PDF named "1000.pdf" in our SFTP and Customer B with the unique Id (CusId__c) as "2000" will have a PDF named "2000.pdf" in our SFTP etc

We would like to know if it is possible to dynamically attach "1000.PDF" to customer A and "2000.pdf" to customer B when we send email from Marketing Cloud

A high level pointers/guidelines/links is greatly appreciated

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You can only attach files that are stored in Marketing Cloud’s SFTP or in Content Builder, or files that have a HTTP url available.

Take a look at the AttachFile AMPscript function:

Type of location containing the file to attach.

Valid values include:




Portfolio (Classic Content)

That said, unless the SFTP you mentioned belongs to Marketing Cloud, you won’t be able to attach them dynamically.

Take a look at this workaround if needed: Attach file from external (S)FTP using AMPScript

And note, that Email Attachments need to be activated by Salesforce Support first, the AttachFile function won’t work otherwise.

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