Can I have a VF page that is a Top SideBar for a Case in Service Cloud Console. Can I have if show a different image depending on what the Case status is?

For example, if the case Status is changed to "Repair" I want a different image showing then if case status is changed to "Shipping".


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Not sure how big the image you're wanting to render is, but if is simply an icon you could first consider a simple formula field that renders an image in the details panel for the case that is in context i.e.

formula:IF(IsClosed,IMAGE("url for image if closed","case is closed"),IMAGE("url for case open","case is still open"))

If you do need to use a VF page, then you could leverage logic such as the following to conditionally render one of a number of images;

<apex:outputPanel layout="none">
<apex:image value="url to image for closed status" rendered="{!case.isClosed}"/>
<apex:image value="url to image for open status" rendered="{!NOT(case.isClosed)}"/>

@user5428 Did you applied VF code. If so, could you please paste your code. I have a similar requirement like yours.

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