I'd like to show "Past Logged Cases" on the Case Console for Service Cloud. This would be Cases logged by the Case.Contact.

Anyone have a simple idea how to do this, or are we talking VF/Lightning?

From a Contact Page, it's easy...but I want to be looking at the Case and see what the Contact has logged prior. Ideas?


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With Visualforce, you can use the apex:relatedList tag.

<apex:page standardController="Case">
    <apex:relatedList subject="Case.ContactId" list="Cases" />

Note that this approach will just show all siblings. If you want a filtered list you will need to build out a more custom implementation using Apex, etc.


You can use the 'related case' on the Contact custom console component. I've explained how in the following question: visualforce page to list cases by contact using 'case.AccountId' for Person Account - Lightning Design

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