How do I define a dependency in 2GMP for certain Salesforce feature like Quote object?

I need to release a package extension which should depend on Quote object.

How should I define such dependency?

In 1GMP, it is enought just to include dependency in the code and it is automatically detected. What is the corresponding process for 2GMP?

I receive the following errors when I try to release my extension package

referenceTo value of 'Quote' does not resolve to a valid sObject type,
Quote is not available in this org due to insufficient privileges.

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The line "definitionFile": "config/project-scratch-def.json", should be included in the sfdx-project.json file as following

    "packageDirectories": [
            "path": "force-app",
            "default": true,
            "package": "Baseline",
            "versionName": "1.0.0",
            "versionNumber": "1.0.0.NEXT"
            "path": "quote",
            "package": "Quote Extension",
            "versionName": "QE 0.0.0",
            "versionNumber": "0.0.0.NEXT",
            "definitionFile": "config/project-scratch-def.json",
            "dependencies": [
                    "package": "Baseline",
                    "versionNumber": "1.0.0.LATEST"
            "default": false

and the file config/project-scratch-def.json should exist and contain "quoteSettings": {"enableQuote": true} lines like following:

    "orgName": "Package Development",
    "edition": "Enterprise",
    "features": [],
    "settings": {
        "quoteSettings": {
            "enableQuote": true

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