I have created a scratch org from a dev hub org.

I need to reset the password for the newly created scratch org from Salesforce UI and not using command prompt.

When I go to scratch org and try to reset the password for default admin user, it asks me for current password. I do not know the current password of the scratch org. How can I reset the password for scratch org user in order to login from browser.

  • Why don't you want to use the CLI? What's the problem with using the prescribed method?
    – sfdcfox
    Dec 3, 2017 at 20:23

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One option would be to generate the scratch org with the password already in place. Then you wouldn't need to change it.

See Generate or Change a Password for a Scratch Org User

By default, new scratch orgs contain 1 administrator user with no password. You can optionally set a password when you create a new user. Use the CLI to generate or change a password for any scratch org user. Once set, you can’t unset a password, you can only change it.


You can use

sfdx force:user:password:generate -u yourOrgAlias

If you want to check details

sfdx force:org:display -u yourOrgAlias

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