I am trying to create an nested IF AND conditional statement to look at case severity and time (hrs) it took to reach a certain case status. I have tried the below but keep getting the error

"Warning Error when encoding row-level formula: Field Case.b1_case_severity__c is a picklist field. Picklist fields are only supported in certain functions."

From what I have searched I may need to use CONTAINS(TEXT( but don't know where I would apply it in the formula.

AND(Case.b1_case_severity__c, "1 - Critical",
Case.Flexible_SLA_Time__c > 9.5),1,
AND(b1_case_severity__c, "2 - High",
Case.Flexible_SLA_Time__c > 9.5),1,
AND(b1_case_severity__c, "3 - Medium",
Case.Flexible_SLA_Time__c > 19),1,
AND(b1_case_severity__c, "4 - Low",
Case.Flexible_SLA_Time__c > 28.5),1,0))))  
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To check a picklist value, use ISPICKVAL, as in ISPICKVAL(b1_case_severity__c, "1 - High"). However, you can be more efficient here by using CASE:

IF(Flexible_SLA_Time__c > 
        "1 - Critical", 9.5, 
        "2 - High", 9.5, 
        "3 - Medium", 19, 
        "4 - Low", 28.5, 0),
  • This works, thank you very much!
    – mtm1186
    Oct 27, 2021 at 13:12

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