I am unable to refresh any of my sandboxes We have 20 remaining Developer sandboxes We have used 5 Developer, 1 Partial and 1 FullCopy.


It was because we recently had removed our license for the FullCopy sandbox... meaning:

Even though the FullCopy was locked we were still using 1 Full Copy more than were were provisioned.

And hence Salesforce prevents refresh on all sandboxes until we are within sandbox limits.

Solution: I deleted the FullCopy and the refresh buttons returned.

NB: if you delete it, it is gone gone.

It was not related to the "Manage Sandbox" permission I already had that set as system admin.

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    if you delete it, it is gone gone. Well, sort of. The deletion is queued for a few days before the hard delete. It can be restored by way if a support ticket if you make a mistake. Not that I'd recommend depending on this, but salesforce.com does try to prevent oppsies from being too obnoxious. – sfdcfox Jun 17 at 22:05
  • Good to know, thank you ! – NZ Dev Jun 17 at 22:28
  • Late last night (tired) I went off looking for sandbox permissions. I already had "Manage Sandboxes" of course. woke up in the morning and had the ahha moment :) – NZ Dev Jun 17 at 22:30

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