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Sanndbox suggestions needed

I am new to sandboxes and I am curious to know that: --> I need to have a new sandbox with production data and recent configuration done in another sandbox. Is there a way or option to select ...
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Does refresh sandbox overrides the Apex classes, LWC Components and Triggers

I am thinking to manually refresh the fullsandbox environment to production environment. The only doubt is that will it going to override LWC Components , Apex Classes and Triggers. Currently, some ...
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Is it posible to deploy complete Production org to an Sandbox? [closed]

we are planning to deploy our complete Production org to an Test Sandbox, but we can't find any guidelines how to do it. Where must we think of what are the pitfalls if we are doing this. Is there any ...
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How to skip files while refreshing full copy sandbox?

Not having a chance to exercise on production I need to recommend our administrator steps to initiate full copy sandbox refresh process. We would like to not to copy files from production. Is there a ...
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Why can't I refresh any of my sandboxes

I am unable to refresh any of my sandboxes We have 20 remaining Developer sandboxes We have used 5 Developer, 1 Partial and 1 FullCopy.
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Full Sandbox is really required?

We have been paying for full sandbox license. Our setup is not complex and we feel it is not required to spend so much on full sandbox. Can someone suggest me If we should really have a full sandbox ...
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Contact MiddleName interferes with FirstName functions in full and partial sandboxes

We have Middle Name enabled in production. In a full sandbox, when we try any standard workflow, Flow Get Records step or SOQL query that involves Contact.FirstName = 'some value', the query/function ...
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