I want to use Heroku Connect to sync a postgres database (an app deployed on heroku and having a postgres DB) with a Salesforce schema.

When I start a new mapping on heroku connect, I have all Salesforce Objects, I can choose objects I want to sync. But I do not see my postgres fields.

Ex : how to ask Heroku connect to sync my salesforce Name__c with my field Name (thas comes from postgres) ?

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When you add a Postgres DB to Heroku Connect and configure mapping(s), HC will create schema (tables) in Postgres. You could pre-create tables in Postgres if you really know what you're doing but this is not recommended. You cannot bring your own, pre-existing Postgres schema and map it to Salesforce...unless it looks exactly like Salesforce schema. If the latter is true, see pre-create warning above.

Please go through the Trailhead HC tutorial and take a look at the HC docs for more info.

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