Hi all after updated sfdx to version 7.72.0 when I try to create the unlocked package - it fails with the error:

ERROR running force:package:version:create: An error occurred while trying to install a package dependency, ID 04t3u000002znQE: Admin: An object 'Admin' of type Profile was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory.

NOTE: It was working without any problems with version 7.71.0

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I was having same problem, I ran sfdx update and it bumped to 7.73 and my error went away. Salesforce must have just fixed the bug.

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    Thanks. Worked for me as well after the sfdx update.
    – Vitaliy
    Commented Sep 7, 2020 at 8:16

I faced similar issue like you. To resolve that wse the latest version: 7.73.2-feef087df8 of sfdx with the command sfdx update. It works

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