I have two objects object A ( Master ) and object B ( Detail).I am trying to create a rollup summary field on master A object of Select Roll-Up Type Count.

However, when I try to add a criteria to the filter I see a limited number of criteria which can be added to the filter.

5 to be exact. Is there any possible workaround to help me add a 6th criteria to the rollup summary field?

If not could you please give an example of a formula field which can possibly replace my rollup summary field?

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Well, you can't do rollup summary on Formula fields (see this Idea and vote it up) but you have two alternatives

Option 1 - Create a checkbox field on Object B that is populated by WFR, Process Builder, or Lightning Flow.

Call the field Is_Qualified_For_RSF___c

Use the aforementioned automation to set to true if all 6 conditions are true

Change your RSF to just use this new checkbox field

Option2 - Use the DLRS package (free). It will rollup any number of criteria on Object B.

DLRS is point and click configuration but under the hood, it reacts as a trigger on CRUD to object B

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