I have two objects object A ( Master ) and object B ( Detail).I am trying to create a rollup summary field on master A object of Select Roll-Up Type Count.

However, when I try to add a criteria to the filter I see a limited number of criteria which can be added to the filter.

5 to be exact. Is there any possible workaround to help me add a 6th criteria to the rollup summary field?

If not could you please give an example of a formula field which can possibly replace my rollup summary field?


Well, you can't do rollup summary on Formula fields (see this Idea and vote it up) but you have two alternatives

Option 1 - Create a checkbox field on Object B that is populated by WFR, Process Builder, or Lightning Flow.

Call the field Is_Qualified_For_RSF___c

Use the aforementioned automation to set to true if all 6 conditions are true

Change your RSF to just use this new checkbox field

Option2 - Use the DLRS package (free). It will rollup any number of criteria on Object B.

DLRS is point and click configuration but under the hood, it reacts as a trigger on CRUD to object B

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