The child object has two formula number field and when I want to create a rollup summary field on parent object, one of them is not available.

What can be the reason of it?

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    You can’t use long text area, multi-select picklist, Description fields, system fields like Last Activity, cross-object formula fields, and lookup fields in the field column of roll-up summary filters. Can please check the other formula field is referenced from other object or not? May 17, 2022 at 11:59
  • The field uses another object's field in it's formula.
    – pt_5858
    May 17, 2022 at 12:46

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Formula fields can only be used in a rollup summary if they are idempotent (in other words, if they return the same value every time when the record is not edited). This means you can't use cross-object formulas, or formulas that depend on TODAY() or NOW(). This is noted in the documentation:

If a roll-up summary field doesn’t contain cross-object field references or functions that derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY, it can calculate the values of formula fields.


I have found the answer: "...However, as the formula field is referring to a field in another object (e.g. cross object reference), it is not available for use."

source: https://focusonforce.com/configuration/salesforce-roll-up-summary-using-the-value-of-a-formula-field/

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