We are attempting to deploy a community (ExperienceBundle) through an Unlocked Second-Generation Package. The package will create fine but once we install it in an org, we get the following error message:

"(CommunityName) Required fields are missing: [ParentId], Details: CommunityName: Required fields are missing: [ParentId]"

I could also reproduce this with a minimum viable community that just has a tile menu and image.

I have looked through the metadata documentation for all of the required objects and cannot find a ParentId field on anything (ContentAsset, ExperienceBundle, NavigationMenu, Network, SiteDotCom, Site etc.).

Has anyone been able to successfully deploy a community through unlocked packages?

  • i think the experiencebundle is not allowed for unlocked or managed packages still. maybe this document is out of date but it's from SF themselves: developer.salesforce.com/docs/… – interesting-name-here Apr 2 at 17:01
  • I'm hitting this error too. I don't have a solution, however, when going to my install url for my package and viewing the list of included components, not only is my community not included, but every other component that is listed as a "non-namespace" component in the Metadata Coverage report is also left out from my package(ApprovalProcess, Network, CustomSite, etc.). I've verified that I created a package and package version without a namespace, so I'm not sure why these components are being left out. – Anthony Wheeler Apr 28 at 21:49
  • We have the same issue and opened Case #26307915 with Salesforce Support. – Robert Sösemann Apr 29 at 8:05

After a painful 2 week trial and error dance with Salesforce Support (Case: #26307915), we learned that we have to do something very unintuitive.

It's a setting in the Dev Hub org which needs to be enabled.

Setup > Communities Settings > Enable ExperienceBundle Metadata API

enter image description here

We don't know why and it even worked after we disabled it.

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