I am trying to install an app through AppExchange in sandbox.

When I oepn an app and click Get It Now, it takes me to login.salesforce.com.

enter image description here

I tried changing login to test in url but not successful.

After clicking on Get It Now it should show option to Install in Sandbox or Install in Production, but I am not seeing this.

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Well, To install the solutions from app exchange first you have to login to AppExchange( to login you can use your production credentials /dev org credentials )

See the below screenshot( enter image description here

once you login you can click "Get It Now" button then you will get to Install in Sandbox or Install in Production, see below enter image description here

if you are directly click on "Get It Now" button it will navigate you to login page, from there also you can log in and again you can click "Get It Now" button.

  • I think they changed something because I don't get this option either. I get redirected to a trailhead login, and I can't find a way to log into my sandbox from there. Feb 4, 2020 at 16:29

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