A customer wants me to install a package for them. They have granted me login access via the "Grant Login Access" option. I log in to my SFDC account with the LMA (License Management App), go to Subscribers, pick their org, and login as them.

Now, the tricky part comes when I try to access the installation URL. Sometimes it wants to install it to MY org (the one I used to get tot heir sandbox). Sometimes it asks me to log in - I don't have the login credentials of the sandbox, I bypassed that with "Grant Login Access". Sometimes (very rarely) it just seems to work.

Is there a trick to this or do I just need to have the user install it themselves?


Change the install URL to their instance instead of login or test, and paste it into your address bar after logging in.

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    Ugh, yes, as soon as I saw this I knew that's what it was. The install URL will usually be login.salesforce.com - you just change the login part to whatever their subdomain is. I know that's what you said, just clarifying for anyone else that stumbles across this. – Ryan Elkins Apr 29 '14 at 15:25

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