In custom object I had used hyperlink formula for related to field,i want parent id record name in hyperlink that should redirect to Parentid(where parentid consist of either accountid,leadid,oppid) record page. but getting object record name


You can do it like this:-

HYPERLINK("/" &  AccountId , "" &  Account.Name , "_blank")

Here, we have one custom formula field Contact and it will show the hyperlink with text Account Name associated with that Contact.

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  • But the author has different parent objects, how to decide which to use? – Mariia Illarionova Jun 19 '19 at 11:05
  • It's not working....having different parent objects – Navya Jun 19 '19 at 11:18
  • HYPERLINK("url/"&ParentID__c, Name ,"_blank ") in place of Name(object name) i want ParentID__c name – Navya Jun 19 '19 at 11:28

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