Background: I have an object 'Request' that can have different SObjectTypes as its Parent. For eg. The Request can have an Opportunity as its Parent, OR it can have a Case as its Parent and so on.

  • To achieve that I have created lookup fields on the Request object to the respective SObject Parents, lets say ParentOpportunity__c and ParentCase__c.

  • I have also created a formula field ParentId__c on the Request object to dynamically determine the Parent Id:

    IF(ParentOpportunity__c != null, ParentOpportunity__c, 
       IF(ParentCase__c != null, ParentCase__c,''))
  • I have a Screen Flow where I am using the Get Record Flow Element to query for Request records based on the ParentId.

  • What I have observed is that if I use ParentId__c = inputId, I dont get a Record, but if I modify the criteria to use ParentCase__c = inputId, the record is found

Is there any limitation on the Get Record Flow Element if the filter includes a Formula Field ?

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    I'd look at whether the formula field on the Request__c resolves to 15 or 18 character ID and compare that to the value of inputId
    – cropredy
    May 4 at 17:15
  • Thanks @cropredy, the issue was indeed due to the formula field resolving to a 15 digit Id value and the recordPage passing in an 18 digit Id. I used caseSafeId() in the formula field to convert the formula to 18 digits and the get Record was able to find the record
    – Nevds
    May 5 at 10:34
  • I would like to mark your answer as the best answer, but unsure how to mark
    – Nevds
    May 5 at 10:35

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The likely cause of this is 15 versus 18 character Id values

  • The formula resolves to a 15 character ID
  • The flow input variable is an 18 character ID

Change the formula to use the CASESAFEID() function that will give you an 18 character Id

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