I have enabled Single sign on between salesforce and a thirdparty app using SAML. I have created a connected app where I have configured the SAML Service Provider Settings.

We am accessing the thirdparty application as a webtab in salesforce and Authentication is working fine. users are displayed there relevant data in the webtab.

My questions is I want to access the URL of this third party application in customer community. what additional SSO configurations are needed to make this work.


You shouldn't need any aditional configuration. SSO via connected apps is setup for all communities. Just make sure you get the URLs for the specific community

Community SAML Configuration

Note: the redacted part is just to protect identity of the client

  • Thanks for the response, yes I can see my community url in the connected app. Do I need to use these urls for some additional configurations to access the external web app in communities. – Sam Apr 10 '19 at 8:15

You have to create two connected apps one for the Salesforce console and one for the community

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