I've been receiving this error and need some help resolving it.

for(LP_TFL__c tfl : termForLoanList0)

    for(ScorecardTier scorecardTier : scorecardTierList0)

      //Compare Tiers String on Term Object to Scorecard Tier Name and Match 
      //Credit Line Values Accordingly 

            ScorecardTier.creditLine = tfl.Credit_Line_Max_Amt__c;
            ScorecardTier.promoDays = tfl.Promotional_Period__c;
            ScorecardTier.apr = tfl.Interest_Rate__c;


Save error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void includes(String) from the type String

The loop is supposed to compare all tiers in termForLoans and add the matching attributes to scorecardTier object when it finds a match in the list.

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The right function to use here is contains().

From the documentation:


Returns true if and only if the String that called the method contains the specified sequence of characters in substring.


public Boolean contains(String substring)

Parameters substring

Type: String

Return Value Type: Boolean


String myString1 = 'abcde';
String myString2 = 'abcd';
Boolean result = myString1.contains(myString2);

System.assertEquals(result, true);

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