There were one time that I was trying to get the Owner name from Case. I searched online and knew that I can use the following query to achieve:

Select Id, AccountId, Owner.Name, Owner.Email, Owner.Username, Owner.title from Case

I would like to know that where's this Owner coming from? I don't see there's a Owner object and I believe that Owner.Name was getting from User object. However, how do I know what other data I can retrieve by using Owner.xxx?



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So yes, typically Owner relates to the User obj, BUT it can also relate to the Group obj. There are a number of standard objects that have multiple Objects off Owner (kinda of like the WhatId or WhoId on task) for instance a Case can belong to a queue (Group) and so Owner.Email would be invalid. Task can also belong to a Queue (Group). If you look in the Schema browser, you can see what Objects owner ties to. You can also use the OwnerId.getSobjectType() to see what it ties to.

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  • Oh yes, totally forgot about groups! Commented Jan 28, 2014 at 19:46
  • :-) its the silent killer of all queries :-P i had an issue with it not to long ago off Owner. I thought i was going mad, and then realized it was because group didnt have email! Commented Jan 28, 2014 at 19:48

Owner is basically the relationship name for a lookupfield to the User object. Many standard objects come with this.

As through any relationship, you can query for all fields on the other side up to a few levels of dept.


Owner is User Object.You can view the list of fields through force.com explorer or schema builder in salesforce IDE(force.com plugin)

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