I have been through tons of documents, searching the web I came across some resources but it hasn't really helped me.

I want to know how to ship an Angular and a React application (step by step) to Salesforce in VF and Lightning (using Lightning Container?).

The ones that I have seen on the web look like they'll fail security review. I tried using lightning:container to build an aura component:

<lightning:container src="{!$Resource.AngularDemo+ '/index.html'}"/>

enter image description here

When I viewed the component in Lightning I received the following error:

Refused to load the script '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' chrome-extension: 'unsafe-eval'

Does this mean we can't use React or Angular in Lightning? Can someone guide me to a proper resource?

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Christophe Coenraets has published a detailed blog on the subject:

Lightning Container Component: Building Components with React, Angular, and Other Libraries

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