I am trying to call a JS function on a button placed in the info window of map marker and pass the SFDC id to it, But the JS is giving me a syntax error. Here's my piece of code-

for(var i=0, j=mapData.length; i<j; i++){
   //Add marker for each point
    var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(mapData[i].lat, mapData[i].lng);
    var markercolor= mapData[i].markerText;

    if (markercolor.startsWith("00Q")){
      var contentString = '<a href="/'+ mapData[i].markerText + '" target="_blank">'+mapData[i].name+'</a>'+'<br/>'+
                           mapData[i].Street+',' +'<br/>'+ mapData[i].City +',' +'<br/>'+ mapData[i].State +'<br/>'+
                          "<input type='submit' id='butSubmit' value='Edit' onclick='openVFWindow("+mapData[i].markerText+")' >";

       addMarker({position: myLatlng, markerText: contentString , color: markercolor});

JS function-

function openVFWindow(markerid) {

So markerText has the Salesforce id of the record and its getting populated correctly. When I click on the console, the error is shown as

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token with the error line -openVFWindow(00Qg000000CcEezEAF)


You seem to missing string markers around the parameters in your onclick

Your code reads


which renders as


JS then assumes someId is a variable, and not a value. Your should wrap the value in doublequotes, so that JS understands it is a literal. it looks like this while rendered:


You can achieve that by changing your code to the following


The escaped doublequotes will render as regular doublequotes in the code.


You need to wrap the Id in quotes. It shouldn't be openVFWindow(00Qg000000CcEezEAF), it should be openVFWindow("00Qg000000CcEezEAF"). Or you could use single quotes if you like.


"<input ... onclick='openVFWindow("+mapData[i].markerText+")' >"


"<input ... onclick='openVFWindow(\""+mapData[i].markerText+"\")' >"

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