Hi i have case feed & email to case enabled in my salesforce org. i have a situation where my customer send in email to my routing email and CC some other ppl.

In case feed, when i select answer customer the CC list member is gone, how can i remain the CC list from the original email?

And i have a email template which will load the message body -> {!EmailMessage.TextBody} but it wont load the body. any idea?


Are you using Apex class as the InboundEmailHandler or the old email2case (where you had to install an agent within your network)?

If it's Apex - are you sure you save the addresses on the EmailMessage record?

Something like this:

EmailMessage newEmail = new EmailMessage(
  FromAddress = email.fromAddress,
  FromName = email.fromName,

  ToAddress = (email.toAddresses == null || email.toAddresses.isEmpty() ? '' : String.join(email.toAddresses, ', ').abbreviate(4000)),
  CcAddress = (email.ccAddresses == null || email.ccAddresses.isEmpty() ? '' : String.join(email.ccAddresses, ', ').abbreviate(4000)),

  // skipping some stuff...

  Subject = email.subject,
  Incoming = true,
  MessageDate = System.now(),
  Status = '0',
  ParentId = caseId);

Last but not least: I don't have an org handy where I'd have both email2case and Chatter but if you click the standard buttons there's a difference between "Reply" and "Reply to all" ;)

  • P.S. About the body - was there only HTML body by any chance? – eyescream Jan 15 '14 at 21:06

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