In plain english:
IF (messages >=1 AND reviews >=1) display both
IF (Messages >=1 AND reviews <1) display messages
IF (messages <1 and reviews>=1) display reviews

note, at least 1 of these two fields will be 1. ampscript attempt

Var @messagagecount
Var @numberreviews
Set @messageCount=AttributeValue("Message_count_30D")
SET @numberreviews=AttributeValue('Number_of_reviews__c")

IF (@messageCount>=1 AND @numberreviews>=1)

THEN SET @MessageBlock =Concat("TEXT TEXT TEXT",@messageCount,@Numberreviews)

ELSEIF (@messageCount>=1 AND @Numberreviews<1)

THEN SET @MessageBlock= Concat("TEXT TEXT TEXT",@messageCount,”TEXT TEXT TEXT”)

ELSE SET @MessageBlock=Concat("TEXT TEXT TEXT",@numberreviews,”TEXT TEXT TEXT”)


then to call out to it I am writing

Where am I going wrong?


I am spotting a few issues, but it's difficult to say specifically what's causing your problem, or if this is just pseudocode.

  1. You're misspelling MessageCount in your VAR call.
  2. When you're setting @numberreviews you are starting AttributeValue with a single quote and ending it with a double quote.
  3. You're using curly quotes instead of straight quotes in a couple of spots.

Try fixing those first and see if things work.

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