I am using static resource, file default.js, where all javascript magic for visualforce page happens. But, I come to the problem, when i want to use custom labels, there is an error

$Label is not defined

Syntax i am using is $Label.Name_of_the_label... even Illuminated Cloud is showing me the name of the label is correct and everything but label is not there and console showing me error.

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//Add below 2 lines of code in the visualforce page
window.$Label = window.$Label || {};
$Label.customLabel= '{!($Label.myLabel)}'; // assigning the label to the JS variable.
var customLabelval =  $Label.customLabel;

Expressions are not evaluated in a Static Resource. They are used verbatim. The standard way to handle this is to have a global variable in your main Visualforce page that handles this:

var labels = { ABC: "{!JSENCODE($Label.ABC)}", XYZ: "{!JSENCODE($Label.XYZ)}" };


var someString = labels.ABC;

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