On a button press, I am attempting to validate my Lightning input fields before taking an action.

For fields marked as required, I am validating that the input field has a value with something like:

if (component.find("exampleInput").get("v.validity").valueMissing) {
    // Invalid input

This logic works in all browsers that I've tested except for Edge, for which with a user-inputted value of, say, "Test", I see:

component.find("exampleInput").get("v.validity").valueMissing = true


component.find("exampleInput").get("v.value") = "Test"

Has anyone come across this issue in Edge? I'm not sure why the input component says that a value is missing.

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@friendoflore I have gone through similar issues and found few like yours:-

Salesforce says:-

Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version Salesforce makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox. For configuration recommendations, see Configuring Firefox. Google Chrome™, most recent stable version Chrome applies updates automatically. Salesforce makes every effort to test and support the most recent version. There are no configuration recommendations for Chrome.

Considerations for Microsoft Edge Salesforce supports the latest version of Microsoft Edge for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. However, the Developer Console doesn't support Microsoft Edge. For the best experience on machines with 8 GB of RAM in the Salesforce Console, use Chrome.

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