I'm using a SOAP call to perform an SQL Query and I get this error:

QueryDefinition was unable to queue this task. This query definition is not active

My call :

<RetrieveRequestMsg xmlns="http://exacttarget.com/wsdl/partnerAPI">
        <Filter xsi:type="ns1:SimpleFilterPart" xmlns:ns1="http://exacttarget.com/wsdl/partnerAPI">

I found that this error was thrown because I did delete the same SQL query with the same name and customerKey so when I retrieve the ObjectID via the customerKey, there are 3 of them like marketing cloud would have a recycle bin.


Do you have any idea, how could I delete those ghosts ?

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    Talk to your account rep or SFMC Global support to get this taken care of. It is stored where no user is able to edit. Jul 11, 2018 at 16:21
  • And is it normal or is it a known bug where some data remains for no reason ?
    – Otor
    Jul 12, 2018 at 7:31
  • And is there a property like 'isActive' or so ? To make a complex filter where there are no ghosts, if you know this it would solve my problem :)
    – Otor
    Jul 12, 2018 at 8:11

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If you want to chase ghosts from your SOAP API calls, use the property : 'Status' that will tell you if the object is 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Here an example of result:

"soap:Body": [{
        "RetrieveResponseMsg": [{
            "$": {
                "xmlns": "http://exacttarget.com/wsdl/partnerAPI"
            "OverallStatus": ["OK"],
            "RequestID": ["bdc3ef5a-22f7-4d10-a4fc-90089cfe57c3"],
            "Results": [{
                "$": {
                    "xsi:type": "QueryDefinition"
                "PartnerKey": [{
                    "$": {
                        "xsi:nil": "true"
                "ObjectID": ["0e4969..."],
                "Name": ["AllJobsID"],
                "Status": ["Active"]

Use a complex filter in your SOAP call to chase them :

<Filter xsi:type="par:ComplexFilterPart" xmlns:par="http://exacttarget.com/wsdl/partnerAPI">
           <LeftOperand xsi:type="par:SimpleFilterPart">
           <RightOperand xsi:type="par:SimpleFilterPart">

ghostbuster image

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