I want to create a new record on click of button by giving its record type.

please find the code below

public pageReference Test()
       RecordType rt =[SELECT ID, name FROM RecordType WHERE SObjectType = 'App__c' and name='Test_Contact'];

      this.ap.Client__c = account.Id;
      this.ap.RecordTypeId =rt.Id;
      insert (this.ap);

        pageReference pageRef = new pageReference('/oaoa/TestForm');

       return pageRef;


I am getting error as List has no rows for assignment to SObject Rt is not returning any value

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    It seems query made on RecordType is returning null, Did you tried running same query from Console?
    – Prasanna
    Dec 9, 2013 at 11:49
  • Double check your name. Is it 'Test Contact' or 'Test_Contact'? Also, if you simply creating a button that auto-selects the RecordType, it is easier to create a custom URL-button than create a VF page (no test code to write/maintain). Google "Salesforce URL hacking" for more info, and let me know if you like an example Dec 9, 2013 at 21:45

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Well, maybe the query really doesn't return anything?

What does SELECT ID, name FROM RecordType WHERE SObjectType = 'App__c' return?

Is the name really 'Test_Contact'? Look at your config and try with 'Test Contact'. Even better - query by API name of the rec. type (less likely to be translated to French for example ;)):

WHERE SObjectType = 'App__c' and DeveloperName = 'Test_Contact'

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