When creating a new record for an object that has multiple record types, how can I control which record type is selected by default? Is this something I was supposed to set when creating the record types? Can this be changed?

For example, I have two Opportunity record types - Service and Products. When I click New, Service is selected by default. Can I change that so that Products is selected by default?

I still want to be able to choose, but control what the default choice is.

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Normally, when creating record types, you can assign them to profiles and set defaults. This is usually the first place where you might want to configure this. enter image description here


If you want to do this after RecordType creation, you can set the RecordType as default in each Profile.

enter image description here

  • Got it. so after the fact, the default record type can be set in the profile. Thanks.
    – jbemt48
    Apr 12, 2019 at 17:22

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