Now that aura:locationChange event no longer works with the new URL format ( effective from Summer '18 release. Reference here), is there a way to detect a change in the URL using lightning events or any other mechanism?

    handleLocationChange: function (component, event, helper) {
        var location = event.getParam("token");//this returns null now with the Summer '18 release.
        if (location != '/n/my_fav_URL') {
            //do some {!stuff}
        } else {
            //do some {!NOT(stuff)}

I see that lightning:navigation and pageReference object don't really provide a straight way to detect the URL changes like aura:locationChange did.


For Lightning communities only:

aura:handler event="forceCommunity:routeChange" action="{!c.handleRouteChange}"

allows you to do so.

For LEX, in app, I dont know if there is a clean way to do so, maybe someone else can provide feedback.

I know you can use setInterval to constantly check the url and log any url changes by leveraging Change Handlers to perform an action based on the change taking place.

  • Thanks @glls. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am looking for LEX app, not for communities. For the setInterval comment, I think it is probably a better idea to use the aura:locationChange event instead of constantly polling the URL for a change. Fortunately, the aura:locationChange event hasn't been deprecated. It just no longer works as intended with the token returned being empty. For now, I will rely on aura:locationChange event coupled with window.location.pathname. Thank you. – Karthik May 24 '18 at 14:49

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