Background info: Both my colleague & I have :

  • Profile = 'System Administrator' with 'View all data' & 'Modify all data' checkbox

  • Permission Set = 'Einstein Wave Administrator' (shown on screenshot) & it auto assigns 'Analytics Cloud - Wave Analytics Platform' to both of us.

Wave Permissions

After my colleague creates the dashboard in the app I try giving access to myself as Manager. But when I try to access the dashboard, I get the error below:


Cannot read property 'getDependentLenses' of undefined

Why do I get this error? Is there something wrong with my SFDC environment or is there some other settings which I have to check. I remember in other SFDC environments I able to access Wave Dashboards made by other people just fine (even without granting access through the app)

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    I had a similar issue, wherein a lens was created by me and was used in the dashboard, but the lens/dataset wasn't shared with other user, so there was a same error which you have reported. Oct 6, 2017 at 10:50

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Hope this helps make sure that app and datasets used by that dashboard/app is public app not in private app. If dataset is in private app you cannot open that dashboard and have app share to entire organization as viewer

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