What is needed for an ISV to distribute and for its subscribers without paid TCRM/Wave/Analytics licenses to see Dashboards from App Templates?

I have packaged a type="embeddedapp" template to a Managed Package, and it's correctly Auto-installed after package installation. Most of the stuff displayed in https://aquivalabs.quip.com/zhvtAlqU0k9q/Einstein-Analytics-Developer-LicenseBut when a Standard User of my app tries to display one of its dashboards on a Lightning page, he sees an access error:

Error: You don’t have user access to view this component.

enter image description here

Am I missing something important?

  1. Do I need to contact Salesforce to get Free Embedded licenses for my package?
  2. Do I need to package special permissions to View Embedded Analytics?
  3. Do I need to Enable something during Auto-Install?

enter image description here

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Does the user have the permission set assigned correctly? enter image description here

The freemium license is only available to OEMs on an active org. If you want to try it out, Since you are a PDO, I am assuming you have access to Environment Hub. You can create a PDE and log a case to have the licenses enabled. In the case of PDOs working for a customer ISV, ISv's Partner Account Manager (PAM) will have to get the embedded skus on the product catalog and provision on the customer's active org. For development activities, a case is sufficient.

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