I deployed source to a scratch org, then ran some unit tests locally in the org.

Now when I do sfdx force:source:pull I get:

ERROR running force:source:pull: Can't retrieve non-customizable CustomObject named: ApexTestResult.

Running sfdx force:source:status gives:

Remote Add ApexTestResult CustomObject

Is there any way to get the pull to ignore this type? I tried everything I could think of with .forceignore but nothing works.

Does this mean it is basically not supported to run unit tests locally in Scratch orgs?

EDIT: I suspect this may be related to the fact that I created a list view for the Apex Test Results in the scratch org. Haven't verified that yet -- I will create a new scratch org to check.


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Looking at the documentation, it appears that ListView is currently not a supported Metadata API Type (for first-generation packages). See here: Supported Metadata API Types

It is however supported by second-generation packages, which is currently in BETA. See here: Supported Component Types (Beta)

In the meantime, you can try one of two things:

  1. Exclude the List View from your source. (see instructions here: How to Exclude Source When Syncing or Converting
  2. If you don't need the List View, simply delete it from your Scratch Org.

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