I'm trying to upsert some records. I use Database.upsert. If the failure is related to a duplicate value (external ids that have to be unique) I need to know what fields are duplicate and clear (sanitize in the code) them to try to upsert again.

  Database.UpsertResult result = firstResults.get(i);
  if (!result.isSuccess()) {
     SObject original = originals.get(i);
     sanitized.put(i, sanitize(original, result));

The sanitize method is this:

private SObject sanitize(SObject original, Database.UpsertResult upsertResult) {
  SObject clone = original.clone(false, true, false, false);
  for (Database.Error error : upsertResult.getErrors()) { // this is line 66
    if (error.getStatusCode() == System.StatusCode.DUPLICATE_VALUE) {
      clear(clone, error.getFields());
  return clone;

The clearing doesn't work. Checking the log, I see this message:

|VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENT|[66]|error|"Error [statusCode=DUPLICATE_VALUE, code=[xmlrpc=1272, statusCode=DUPLICATE_VALUE, exceptionCode=DUPLICATE_VALUE, scope=PublicApi, http=400], message=duplicate value found: \u003Cunknown\u003E duplicates value on record with id: \u003Cunknown\u003E, fields=null]"

Please note it contains fields=null. So the code is not clearing any fields.

How can I know what fields are duplicate? Why is the fields member of the error not populated?


You can use exception handling. To catch use DMLException and it's method getDmlFieldNames to track the field name that caused the error.

    upsert sobject;
catch(Exception e){
    System.debug(e.getDmlFieldNames()); // This will return list of fields due to which error occurred

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