I need to insert a new ContactShare object in apex. Here is a sample of the code I have :

Map<String, Id> mapUserRole = new Map<String, Id>();
    for(UserRole ur : lRoles){
        mapUserRole.put(ur.Name, ur.Id);
List<ContactShare> lContactShareToInsert = new List<ContactShare>(); 

for(Mission__c mission : lMissions){
    for(Contact con : lContacts){
                    if(mission.box__c != con.box__c && mapUserRole.get(mission.box__c) != null){

                        //créer contactShare
                        ContactShare conShare = new ContactShare();
                        conShare.ContactAccessLevel = 'Read';
                        conShare.ContactId = con.Id; 
                        conShare.UserOrGroupId =  mapUserRole.get(mission.box__c);

                        System.debug('### conShare : ' + conShare);


                        System.debug('### lContactShareToInsert : ' + lContactShareToInsert);

 Database.SaveResult[] srContactShare = Database.insert(lContactShareToInsert, false);

    for(Database.SaveResult srS : srContactShare){
        System.debug('### srS : ' + srS);
            System.debug('### srContactShare is insert');

The problem is that I got an error in the debug of srS, so the list of contactShare to insert is not insert because it is not successfill :

srS : Database.SaveResult[getErrors=(Database.Error[getFields=(UserOrGroupId);getMessage=User/Group ID: id value of incorrect type: 00E4E000000Xfj4UAC;getStatusCode=FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION;]);getId=null;isSuccess=false;]

  • Make your apex class "without sharing" and then try!
    – Ayub
    May 18, 2018 at 9:03

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Based on the User, Sharing, and Permission Objects ERD copied below, you will have to identify a single User object that references a selected UserRole and use the Id of that in conShare.UserOrGroupId.

enter image description here


Refer Sharing a Record Using Apex

UserOrGroupId should be either userId or public group id.

According to your code, it is UserRoleId, thats why it is invalid value.

You can create a public group based on the role and use that public group id for sharing the record.

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