I recently moved my Managed Package Developement from Salesforce Free Developer Org to Salseforce Partner Developer Org due to the additional number of users and API limits they have. I am using my third party app to provide service for salesforce. I am trying to configure Salseforce as Identity Provider and my third party app as Service Provider.

But I coudln't find the Identity Provider link. Setup -> Security Controls -> Identity Provider is missing.

My Domain link Under Company Profile is also missing which is essential for Configuring SAML Authentication.

As per salesforce success community I tried creating custom Domains through Salesforce Sites but that doesn't help.


Free Developer Account works perfect and it had these two links:

  • Setup -> Company profile -> My Domain
  • Setup -> Security Controls -> Identity provider

I also tried in various test orgs Provided by ISV Portal -> Create test Org but I couldnt see the Identity provider in any of the organizations.

Is there any hidden enable Feature option in ISV portal which will enable IdPs?


I raised a case in ISV Portal and they enabled My Domain feature only for Enterprise Org. Is there any specific reason why its not avaiable by default ? Why My Domain cannot be configured in Dev org ?


I raised a case in ISV Portal and I got response saying " Identity Provider cannot be enabled on partner DE Org and will be enabled on Enterprise Edition Org on request"

This is what I inferred:

  • In Normal DE Org IDP is enabled out of the box.

  • In Partner DE Org IDP cannot be enabled.

  • In EE Org IDP will be enabled on request.

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