I have Opportunity as master and OppDetail__c as detail (Opportunity__c field as Master-Detail(Opportunity)). I created two fields on OppDetail__c - first of type Currency and second of type Number. When I attempt to create roll-up summary field in Opportunity with 'Summarized Object' as OppDetail__c, 'Field to Aggregate' combobox has only one option - Number.

How to create roll-up summary on currency field in multi-currency organizations?


Found Roll-up Summary field is still calculating saying

If you have this (advanced currency management) feature enabled (you can check by going to Setup | Company Profile | Manage Currencies), you cannot create roll-up summary fields that calculate currency on the opportunity object.

So, no way right now to create it in straightforward way (without code)?


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That's right, no way to do it easily, but I invite you to vote for the idea success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BqMq

PS: Sorry for killing your day ;-)

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