Hi friends i have a standard approval process in account.And in some scenarios the accounts submitted for approval multiple times.So, my requirement is to create a report for approvals in account.So, i create a custom report type but i need fields in account object.

So, for this requirement i need to add another child object to the account.And try to create a record when in goes for approval as specified below link


But,in my case is standard approval.User manually submits record for approval.So,I am confused to solve this issue.Please provide your suggestions for this requirement.


Finally I found a solution to my requirement.Because we want to keep track whether the record is approved or rejected or recalled.

So,for this requirement i create a new object and create a master detail relationship and whenever any record is either rejected or approved or recalled.I am creating a child record and referencing the fields to track for that specific approval time.

So,now it's keep tracking all the approval requests.

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