I need to deploy a profile from dev to staging org, and I was looking for any possible ways to include Apex Class Access & Visualforce Page Access to the ant's changeset (I would like to avoid manual post-deploy steps).

If not with ant tool, can it be done programmatically at all, using metadata api? It wouldn't be a problem for me to write a simple script to do so, I just need to know whether this is feasible.

This is dev org: enter image description here This is staging org: enter image description here

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    It will only deploy access for included components. You must include them.
    – Adrian Larson
    Jun 16 '16 at 19:15

You need to include all the classes ,pages,objects and Fields for which you need access in package.xml along with all the profiles. Then u can retrieve the permissions from dev and able to deploy in stage.

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