I have logic in Account object for Formula field, but while i try to save it gives me error

Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (6,387 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters

Below is my code:

        ISPICKVAL(Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c, 'Marketing'),
        OR(TAL__c = True, Tele_Rejected__c = True)), 'Marketing',
                ISPICKVAL(Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c, 'Marketing'),

                    TAL__c = False,
                    Tele_Rejected__c = False),
                    Oppy_Last_30_Days_On_Create__c > 0,
                    Country = 'Canada',
                    Country = 'Mexico',
                    Theater__c = 'APAC',
                    AND(Theater__c = 'EMEA',
                        OR(Country = 'United Kingdom',
                            Country = 'Germany',
                            Country = 'France',
                            Country = 'Sweden',
                            Country = 'Norway',
                            Country = 'Finland',
                            Country = 'Denmark',
                            Country = 'The Netherlands',
                            Country = 'Belgium',
                            Country = 'Luxembourg',
                            Country = 'Ireland')
                    Account_Type_on_Create__c = 'Active Prospect',
                    Account_Type_On_Update__c = 'Active Prospect',
                    Sales_Rejected__c = True,
                    Sales_Engaged__c = True,
                    ISPICKVAL(Contact.Account.Type, 'Client'),
            TEXT(Contact.Owner.Sales_Responsibilities__c) = "AM"), 'Marketing-RA',
                ISPICKVAL(Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c, 'Marketing'),
                TAL__c = False,
                FCRM__FCR_SAR__c = True), 'Marketing-RA',
                ISPICKVAL(Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c, 'Marketing'), 'Marketing',

Can anyone suggest how to reduce this formula?

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    Given that the text you have posted is about 2k long, some of the fields you are using must also be formula fields so consider those usages. See Tips for Reducing Formula Size.
    – Keith C
    Commented Jun 14, 2016 at 10:09
  • Hi Keith, Thanks for reply but in my case there are no formula fields in this formula, and how can i reduce this formula. Can you give some idea?
    – dev
    Commented Jun 14, 2016 at 10:11
  • Help us in order to be helped. There are some cross-referenced conditions in the formula (or at least how I see them), and please double check what field(s) is/are a formula
    – o-lexi
    Commented Jun 14, 2016 at 18:17

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I don't know if these changes will be enough to get this specific formula under the compile size limit, but here are some ways to bring it down:

Don't compare Boolean/checkbox fields to TRUE/FALSE. Use just the field name, or NOT(field_name__c). In a quick test on a checkbox field Inactive__c:

  • IF(Inactive__c,"Active","Inactive") - compiled size 75 chars
  • IF(NOT(Inactive__c),"Inactive","Active") - compiled size 81 chars
  • IF(Inactive__c = TRUE,"Active","Inactive") - compiled size 107 chars
  • IF(Inactive__c = FALSE,"Inactive","Active") - compiled size 107 chars

Reduce repeated calls to fields. If I'm reading things correctly, this formula will only return a non-blank value when Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c is 'Marketing'. So make that check a single element of an IF and then put the rest in, rather than checking for it at each point.

Don't check field superfluously. Unless there are cases where Theater__c != EMEA AND one of the named European Countries is specified, you can take that check for EMEA out.

Finally, while referencing other formula fields won't help, as a last resort you can create new custom fields directly on the object where the formula is and populate them with workflow or Process Builder. The Campaign.FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Sourced_By__c field might be a good candidate for that.


You can decrease the size of your formula by breaking it into multiple formulas. For instance, you could create a separate formula field called Country_Tier__c with the following formula:

    'United Kingdom', 1,
    'Germany', 1,
    'France', 1,
    'Sweden', 1,
    'Norway', 1,
    'Finland', 1,
    'Denmark', 1,
    'The Netherlands', 1,
    'Belgium', 1,
    'Luxembourg', 1,
    'Ireland', 1,

Then, you can reference the answer to this formula in your original formula.

  • This approach does not help with Compiled Size. Commented Oct 14, 2016 at 20:39

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